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Who is Don Green Engineering?

For more than 50 years, Don Green Engineering has consistently out-performed in the market to maintain its position as Australia’s Premier Supplier of Metal Stamping, Toolmaking and Deep Drawn Metals.

Don Green, the founder of the company back in 1965, believed that
“Customer Satisfaction Is Not Just a Concept But An Attitude”.

With this philosophy still flowing through the company today, it proves why Don Green Engineering is still the preferred supplier over its competitors. We know that quality products are the result of careful design and that meeting our customers' expectations and providing customer satisfaction is our priority.

Where do You Find Our Products?

Don Green Engineering manufactures a full range of products for the following markets:

Whatever your problem, Don Green Engineering will have a solution for your business. Complete the Website Information Request Form or call us today on 1300TOOLMAKER or (02) 9623 2459 and let us demonstrate how we can solve your problems.

Peter Green
Managing Director
Don Green Engineering